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Curiouser and Curiouser

25 Apr


Adrienne Gould

Adrienne Gould

Misty Hour

25 Apr
By:  Caleb Wendell Jordan

Clouds descend


a single boat, drifting unhurried through

the haze.

Mist envelops the currents, tides,


I can touch the gray skies

which hang closely above my head

in the aether.

I push againt the mist

to uncover something beyond.

To have light paralyze me.

But it is not visible,

only the ominous shadows

in the distance exist

beside me.



25 Apr


Woody McCree

Woody McCree

Savannnah sunset

25 Apr


Woody McCree

Woody McCree

Acid Angels

25 Apr

By: Brooks Kennedy

Dreams of day-trippers turned acid angels

Flipped the pages of my mind

Strung out Hipsters

Dying in Dumpsters

Dope heads dragging along shadows

Through fields of hazy grass

Borrowing the sixties

Into a modern demise

Realization occurred

When I awoke

And opened my eyes

These angel trippers

Leary and Thompson

Only angels because

They symbolized the trip

The terrifying trip

Trips we all endure

Life and Love

Wolf Bait

25 Apr

By:  Stacy Murphy

Everything about me

everything you want

My lips, my eyes

Cunt to clavicle

it’s all a trap of my father’s design.

You seem like a nice wolf

and it sure is a shame

The things I have to do to you

But a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?

You seem so sweet

so don’t you think

you should be on your way?

See, we’re almost through the woods

and I can see Gramma’s place up ahead

and if you just turn back now

everything could be ok.

I know what you want

you’re just like the others

bit there’s still time

before my father comes


you look so tasty

and a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?

Hear the rustle, Wolfie?

See the shaking trees?

Why didn’t you turn back?

It’s too late now

but it won’t hurt

my father’s fast

and it’s oh so sharp

and you seemed so sweet

but a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?

Life in the Light of Darkness

25 Apr

By: William Abel

entitled to death and no more the poor lay ravaged
disillusioned reality had brought this dissolution of vows
the reaper raps and laughs at the plea of the weak
put your faith in good and love and fate is what

life is but a final act in the beginning of existence
rested upon a truth failed and looking towards a promise
weak I resign to a fate of random chaos
but I am alive and still I dream and hope


25 Apr

By: Garrett Woolington

You are my shadow.

I can only hide from you in the dark.

I wish you would not continue to stalk me.

I am my own being.

I can only hide from you in the dark.

Why do you shape yourself to look like me?

I am my own being.

I do not understand why you try and take that from me.

Why do you shape yourself to look like me?

I can only hide from you in the dark.

I do not understand why you try and take that from me.

You are my shadow.

Addicted to life (Pantoum Poem)

25 Apr

By:   Nara Ivett

“Heroin is better than an orgasm,”
within waterfalls of hair she said,
the cry of an infant, unborn glass spasm
trapped and pounding in her ribcage.

Within hair waterfalls she unsaid
“I crave no bursting woodwinds,
trapped and pounding in my ribcage,
due to injected implosion footprint.”

“I crave no bursting woodwinds,
someone’s depression or dad’s wrongdoing
due to inject, implosion footprint
the bigger it comes, the harder it fell.”

Blaster platelets, blood cells themselves,
as the cry of an infant, unborn glass spasm
when vertebrate blood counts in bright red,
pounds heroin’s pain, not heroin’s orgasm.


25 Apr

One smile can cause a storm of fury in a jealous man’s mind
so beautiful is his bride with eyes for another that lay fixed upon the one that choose her
yet yearn for the one she does not know and only can imagine
his touch foreign from what she knows and her mind driven by her jealous groom to find

reoccurring thought of just a passing glance caught by a man who has everything yet nothing
nothing if his brides eyes keep wandering to the nothing of a man
anger fills a room and searches for the release as he throws her and drives acknowledgement
there she lay broken in the perfect home knowing that her hearts torn

pleased I am not, flattered I am not, ashamed I am that I am the man that caused this rift
my eyes pierced her soul unbeknownst to me and free from guilt I am
I kissed each cheek at her wedding and shook his hand as his eyes told the story of contempt
her eyes cried out for me a man she does not know and will never