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Staff — Fall 2012

04 Dec

Rachel Esteves – Editor in Chief

Rachel Esteves is currently a sophomore at the State College of
Florida. She plans on transferring to the University of South Florida to pursue
a degree in Mass Communications. She has a passion for writing and hopes to
inspire people through the written word. She
aspires to become a successful professional at a top public relations or
publishing firm; though her dream job would be to anchor on the Today Show. She enjoys traveling, outdoor activities such
as kayaking and hiking, and volunteering in her community.

Emily Smith – Editor in Chief

Emily Smith is pursuing her A.A. and plans to transfer to New
College of Florida to study creative writing. Her plans after college are to
write the next great American novel and travel the world.

Emily Yandell – Managing Editor

Emily is a 19 year old who is pursuing her A.A. degree and is
graduating from SCF in December. She plans on attending the University of
Florida in the spring semester to study journalism and communications. She is
currently employed at Books A Million.

Josh Felthoff – Submission Specialist

As a preface to this bio Joshua Felthoff would like to extend a warm
and amicable “Hello”. Josh is currently the submission specialist for Elektraphrog
for the fall semester of 2012. He has a fondness for writing and poetry, and
his own work is quite bodacious. He admires works of literary creativity, which
come in different styles. He has a passive undulating personality that meshes
with most people, and he also enjoys video games. He is currently working on
his A.A. degree and enjoying the experience.

Jackie Anderson – Advertising Specialist

Jackie Anderson plans on graduating with an A.A. degree from SCF
then going on to culinary school to become a pastry chef. She loves cooking and
baking, especially for her friends and family. It is rumored that on special
occasions she will bring in baked goods for her fellow classmates. Her favorite
time of year is autumn/Halloween (evident by her feverous love for everything
pumpkin related). She grew up in Maryland then moved to Florida when she was

Jenn Eckleman – Secretary

Jenn’s position at Elektraphrog is secretary. Her job includes
taking notes, making astute remarks and generally keeping the weekly meetings
from descending into full blown chaos and anarchy (which is a constant
problem). She is majoring in mathematics (awesome) and hopes to work either in
nuclear mathematics (radioactive decay) or be a math teacher (awesome possum).

Caleb Jordan – The Web Guy

Not much is known about Caleb, all the information that is known about him has been
compiled mainly from speculation. We do know he is currently pursuing his A.A. and plans on
graduating this fall. Word is he may transfer to the Universtiy of South Florida
to study English. His loquacious manner of speech and equanimity in tutoring
students in English has won him praise from various outlets of students and
teachers alike. He enjoys listening to a wide array of music such as Afrobeat,
Plunderphonics, Synth-Komisch and Post-Minamalism. He also takes pleasure in
walking by the faculty building and making faces at the teachers in their


Fall 2012 — Nonfiction

05 Dec

Expect Nothing Less of Us by Mark O’Leary

Expect Nothing Less of Us

05 Dec

by Mark O’Leary


Our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coasties, obey orders and carry out their duties, as well as their Commander In Chief’s policies. Our ground-pounding Grunts, Recon, Green Berets, Seals, Para Rescuers, Snipes, Airdales, Deckapes, Marines and Coasties, do not set or establish what America’s policies are. Treat them accordingly, with dignity and respect, and honor their sacrifice’s, by supporting our troops here at home and in the theatre’s of war on two continents.

This also means honoring our veterans as they return home; by thanking them, and saying welcome home, by hiring our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, and not treating them as pariahs, simply because you don’t support this war without end. They are doing their level best with what they’ve got to work with, they are placing their lives on the line for you and me America; and they aren’t asking for much, just for us to believe in them; because Goddamn it! They Believed in You! They believe in our constitution, as well as in our way of living our lives as we wish, free to say what we want to say, when we wish to say it. We all do not agree with what each other has to say, but we would fight to the death, for our right’s to say it. As well as decent employment opportunities when they get home, and wish to continue on with their lives.

They don’t seek pity, just the chance to prove themselves. They are not permanently broken; some just need the proper guidance and extra care along the long road to healing themselves. They are not seeking a handout, they are searching for a hand up, in order to be able to gain the knowledge and care they will need along that road of healing. They are not seeking to steal your jobs; they are seeking the knowledge to forge their own way in life, with today’s and also tomorrow’s technology; because they desire to live the American Dream. To be happy, have, raise and support families of their own; with the very same expectations of all of those who have sacrificed and served before each one of us has had. And by US, I’m speaking about every American veteran, from each and every one the wars we have fought. Both North and South, and every war from our Revolutionary War, on up to and including Afghanistan; just to keep the American Dream alive for all of those who shall follow us. It is our honor bound duty to do so! And expect nothing less of us.


Fall 2012 — Visual Arts

05 Dec

Central America by jblumetti  (Photography)

Copperline by jblumetti (Photography)

ManMade by Loret’ (Acrylic on Canvas)

Jacob Marley by Katie Holt (Photography)

Tiger Eye by Katie Holt (Photography)

Welcome by Jamie Johnson (Photography)

You Can’t See Me by Jamie Johnson (Photography)

Christmas Joy by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Close up Flower by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Color Pencil Water Drop by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Open Your Eyes by Tiffanie Alexandra Tillert (Photoshop)


Faculty and Staff

The Daisy Dolls — A Homage to Felisberto Hernandez by Claudia Daniels (Photoshop)

Harsh Environment #647 by Adrienne Gould-Choquette (Photoshop)

Frog Habitat by Woody McCree (Photography)


Fall 2012 — Poetry

05 Dec

Shaved Legs by Jackie Anderson

Zombies by Kevin Keys

Vacation to Syndication by Michael Martini

An Oh-So-Common Household Spell for Raising the Dead by Nosphio

To Ride the Lighting by Nosphio

Unexpected Passion by Nosphio

Flor by Hazel Young


An Oh-So-Common Household Spell for Raising the Dead

05 Dec

by Nosphio


Your suffering ends today,
The time is now to play!

With thoughts so hollow,
The pain in your wallow!

Maggots twist on patchy flesh,
Bones and muscles in a mesh!
You are only my pawn,
Until the break of dawn!
With a future so bleak,
The living are so weak!
Crush them under your might,
Instill in them a deep fright!
You’re immortal essence will thrive,
The death of my enemies shall arrive!
Your blood wears thin in your vien,
And their crimson liquid will rain!
With your strength and by your hand,
Terror will echo throughout the land!
O creature of the night,
For me, rise and fight!
Raise dead!


Fall 2012 — Fiction

05 Dec

Nuclarity by Lonnie Benson

Family by Denis Higgins

Valorman and the Lunar Divine by Jim Kincaid

Out of the Cage by Taylor Masella

Primal Satisfaction by Nosphio


Unexpected Passion

03 Dec

By: Nosphio


It hurts.

It’s big.

It burns.

It’s fast.


It’s big.

Your flood.

It’s fast.

I cringe.


Your flood.

It burns.

I cringe.

It hurts.



Central America

03 Dec

By: Jordan Blumetti

Shaved Legs

03 Dec

By: Jackie Anderson


When did women start shaving their legs?

Before you go” Shaved legs, really?”

Let me explain the pain and nuisance it is to shave your legs

It is a chore in itself you have to sit or stand and try not to cut the hell of out of your legs

Nobody wants to look like leper, Even though leopard spots are pleasing to the eye.


One night I was watching the “Sundance channel” and one of there “Historians” said
women have only been shaving their legs since the 1920-30’s.










To think women have only been in the habit of shaving must have flown over people’s heads for decades.
In 1915 all of the ad companies came together and decided to wage war on under arm hair.

The campaign was made to make women start shaving their under arm hair.

They chalked it up to clothing being shorter and sheerer.


And then women’s legs were the next frontier.

Some say we could blame Betty Gable for donning short shorts in a pin up advertisement.

But that would be a lame to blame just one person.


It was a sign of the times.

And women finally got to wear pants.

While making men pant.

In the end it’s not a bad thing, we live in Florida where it’s hot as hell most of the year. Women are better off shaving their legs.