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Venice Campus Library Whiteboard Stories

03 Dec

Curated by Rhonda Kay


02 Dec

By: Theresa Smith-Ennis

A Bended Knee
   A Ring, a Band
        A Happy Smile
            An Adorned Hand
A Life Ahead
  A Dream Fulfilled
       A Family to Come
             A Home to Build
A Moment Captured
   Long Ago
        An Image, Black and White
             Two Happy People, So in Love
Two Happy People, So in Love
    Ready to Embark on a Colorful Life

Fall 2014 Staff

01 Dec

Anthony Vittorio
Anthony Vittorio is a sophomore student and has attended SCF for two years. After achieving his A.A in the fall he will transfer to FSU to pursue a Bachelors degree in creative writing and a Masters in Editing, Writing, and Media.


Megan Finsel
I am a Special Education major, but writing is my first love. I have been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. To me, there is no better outlet for emotion than the written word. I’ve done proofreading and editing, performed spoken-word poetry, competed in Slams, and I am currently President of The Swamp Scribes; the creative writing club of SCF Venice campus. If you want to get to know me more, the best way is to read my work because I put my heart into everything I write. =)







Scarlet Flower Pickering
Scarlet Flower Pickering is a reserved animal lover that enjoys writing fiction. She has six pets, six potted plants, and a younger brother that she cares about and loves greatly. She enjoys singing, music, playing gore-less adventure video games, and reading romance stories.








Tim Nail
I am a photographer, and I enjoy exploring fellow photographer’s works. I decided to take Magazine Production to see what it is like on the other side of the submission guidelines.





Daniel Flood
Hi I’m Daniel,
I decided to take Magazine Production II because,well I took the first one and went great. I wanted to understand the idea  of writing poetry and short stories, and being able to be a part of a online  Literacy Magazine is awesome. Also I forced my girlfriend into the second one =P, the benefits are amazing. As for me I don’t write much. I  would like to start up again one day with the added a billion other  things I want to do. But I read a lot of books and love criminal  justice, Police, Military movies, Science Fiction and more. I’m a guy which means l love guns, cars, women, especially my girlfriend ;) one day I’ll be a Police  Officer or Video game designer. Music is a Passion  as well from Orchestra, Rock. Another passion of mine is  gaming, I have a Xbox 360 a ps3 and i have my computer back =D. On a good note my girlfriend wants me to get into  Taekwondo, but classes are expensive so we wrestle privately which is a bonus =P, hopefully I don’t make  her mad and we start sparing in the kitchen or something like in the movies Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith =P. My Favorite color is blue, and my dream  car is a 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback, like from the movie Gone In 60  Seconds, the gray and Black Stripe Eleanor

Well that’s it. That is what you ought to know about me

from my last staff bio it states ( I love…. [ Asian boys ] ) this is a typo. but this made me laugh

Now please leave


Michelle Valkov

Hi, I’m Michelle. Nice to meet you, the sky is blue and the grass is green. Today’s a good day. Writing has been my passion most of my life and well, there’s not much to say about me other than that I love sweet things, everything from sweet people to sweet desserts. Come on, who doesn’t like cupcakes? Anyways, I’ve finished two semesters and plan to finish my General A.A and transfer to a univeristy. I’m not sure where yet, but hopefully a place I can pursue my Bachelor’s in Creative writing and possible become an editor or author of an amazing book one day. Alright, stop wasting your precious life and go discover! 🙂

What I Miss

01 Dec

By: Megan Finsel

I wish

I might

fold my heart up

and tuck it in an envelope,

to send you all my love as if

we weren’t miles apart.

For the little things,

are what I miss.

As simple as

your hand




when I

feel like

letting go




Bio: I’m a Special Education major with a love for books. Writing is my passion; it is how I connect with the world and share my thoughts and emotions. To get to know me more you need to read my stories because I put a piece of my heart into each one. My goal is to inspire at least one person through my work; then I know I’ve done my job. ​



Maiden Fair

01 Dec

By: Jack

Late into night the shout rang out
And echoed off the trees
With deep timbre and pleading tone
The shout soon found the sea

With rolling waves and mighty gust
The shout was carried far
And passed a simple fishing boat
Long guided by the stars

The shout seemed lost amid the vast
Ocean’s unceasing roar
Until a bright beacon of light
Did call it to the shore

The shout renewed its strength to fly
Past light and snoring man
Who shuddered in his sleep as if
He’d heard to where it ran

Scuttling over rock and lee
A castle it soon found
With princess pining for her knight
And crying without sound

Yet all tears dried when she did hear
The faint voice of her knight
Fair head held high and face now dry
New hope to bring her light


01 Dec

By: Priyam Patel

I watched from afar.
Silky blonde,
dangerously curvy,
oh, Lord.

I saw her yesterday.
Tight blouse,
button undone,
oh, Lord.

Her veins draped her soft skin.
Royalty, she was.

Her skin looked so soft.
Gosh, how easily it could be sliced open.

I wanted to lay in a field of roses.
Nothing but roses,
and the sweet smell of honeydrew
and satin.

Tell me, does it taste as good as it looks?

Oh lord.


01 Dec

By: Theresa Smith-Ennis

He stands majestic in the reeds
Blue and gray and proud
He stands alone but watchful
His feathers rustle in the breeze

He stands a moment, longer still
A twitch begins to stir
He stands so silent, quiet
As the air begins to chill

He’s standing as he spreads his wings
A king against the sun
He takes off on his timeless flight
A new journey has begun


01 Dec

By:Alexis Gualandri

A sassy siren with a tasty touch of alluring aggression.
A terrible tease with a catastrophic class,
She’s a scurvy sailor stumbling through an orchard ocean.
“Salutations, you fantastic fuck” sung from a sweet sexy smile
A luscious lunatic with a deliciously discombobulated desire with a radical rambunctious rump
that marvelously moves.
Scandalously shaped in a worthless world

The New Puppy

01 Dec

By: Paul Grayson, Shane RePed, Jack McDalley

My dog is a swirling flame
A furry fury of terror,
Leaving a wake of eaten shoes
Gutted Pillows
And gnawed hats
She shows us her excited love.

Mi Amore/My Love

01 Dec

By: Rachel A. Tate

Mi Amore
Ver su sonrisaes como sentir los reyos del sol.
Tanto calentar el alma.
Para mirarla a los ojos es mirar a los ojos a los cielos.
Ambos peuden hipnotizar.

Su tacto es como de los angeles.
Siendo ambos extasis.
Su voz es mas preciosa que el sonido de las aguas corriente.

Tanto dar descanso al alma.
Ella es mas bella que los árboles del otoño.
Ambos son radiante.
Su amor esta mas alla de las palabras, se compara arriba.
Su nombre es Rabecca, ella es mi amore!

My Love

To see her smile is like feeling the sun rays.
Both warm the soul.
To look into her eyes is like looking into the heavens.
Both can hypnotize.
Her touch is like the touch of the angels.
Both bring ecstasy.
Her voice is more beautiful than the sound of running water.
Both give rest to the soul.
She is more beautiful than the trees of Fall.
Both are radiant.
Her love is beyond words, none can compare.
Her name is Rabecca, she is my love!