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This is Where the Title Goes

23 Apr

by: Sammy Student


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Bio: Sammy Student is a great student who does studious things in his studies.

A Scottish Pirate Sea Shanty

23 Apr

By: Brandie Hyde

(A parody of “The Scotsman” originally performed by Bryan Bowers, original lyrics
by Mike Cross; Pirate themed adaptation)


Well a
pi-rate dressed in fine at-tire,
left the tav-ern he’d en-dared

It was
clear, by how he slur-ed his words,
that his poor liv-er had failed.
He stum-bled till was fin-nally forced
to yield; admit defeat,
then he craw-led in-to a
where he prom-ptly fell

Yo ho
un-der brutes for loots!
yo ho mate-il-ies my boot!
He crawled in-to a cor-ner
where he promp-tly fell

Soon there
maid-en wench-es
wand-erd close near-by.
One whis-pers to the oth-er,
with some mis-chief on her mind.
“Let’s check that sleep-ing pi-rate,
bat-tle worn of pun-gent smell,
and see –for all their
what they pack be-neath the

Yo ho
un-der brutes for loots!
yo ho mate-il-ies my boot!
and see –for all their
what they pack be-neath the

for a min-unte,
then one says, they must move-on,
but as we de-part,
de-vise some art,
be-fore we all are gone.
They placed a ring of flow-ers,
‘round his pri-vate pi-rate mast,
for the gift of
that their friend had just sur-passed

Yo ho
un-der brutes for loots!
yo ho mat-il-ies my boot!
for the gift of
that their friend had just sur-passed

Our pi-rate
to par-rot’s squawk,
and crawls to the la-trine.
Dis-robes to ans-wer liq-uor’s urge,
and balks at this odd scene.

And with a
tone of star-tle,
to that which greets his eye,
“Well I’ve No i-dea just where ye been,
but it’s clear ye earned a prize!”

Yo ho
un-der brutes for loots!
yo ho mat-il-ies my boot!
“Well I’ve No i-dea just where ye been,
but it’s clear ye earned a P-R-I-Z-E !!!”


The past eighteen months have been, to put it politely, challenging. Essentially the end of life as I previously knew it. The return to college life following more than a decade hiatus has been, well… let’s call it colorful. I managed to survive my first semester back in the swing of things and am currently working on a second. It is my goal to complete an Associate in Arts Degree by December 2013 and continue on to study Criminal Justice Forensics.

Spring 2013 – Non-Fiction

23 Apr

No Crime Was Committed by Keith Cranmer

My One and Only Escape by James T. Thomas III

Spring 2013–Fiction

23 Apr

The Labyrinth by William Hugel

Nice Guys Finish Last by Doug Kolakowski

The Shedding of Love by Chloe Churchill

All Because of a Penis by April Newcity

Our Apocalypse; What Became of Us by Megan Finsel

Eternal Revenge by Catiana Jean

Psych by Brandie Hyde


Spring 2013 – Visual Arts

23 Apr

Duel by Elizabeth Ramos

Turtle Time by Elizabeth Ramos

Falls Park, Greenville by Woody McCree


Life and Love in a Junk Drawer

23 Apr

By: Shannon Powell

Counting pennies to save for a new car

Popping the cork on a new millennium

On pins and needles wondering if it’s a boy or a girl

Lighting candles year after year…it’s amazing how time passes you by

Calculating the risks in choosing happiness

Could I comb out the tangled mess I’d create?

Would this magic eraser take away the stain?

Could this super glue mend the pieces of his shattered heart…

Would there be enough left for hers?

Oh, there’s just not enough tissue to dry up these tears

I think I’m ready to put it all behind me though, and shuffle a new deck of cards

Ahhhh… the colorful rainbows and butterflies he will paint on my soul.

~I Return the Favor~

23 Apr

by: Sesshy Sensation

Lilly, the girl everyone finds so silly

She knows what she does, and does it willingly

She offers her services and coax him arduously

Knowing that he in fact belongs to me

She comes off as thoughtless, but she is sly

She makes it her duty to befriend you-you ask why

She knows how you feel for him; information she’s learned

In her mind none of that matters, for a moment he’s yours. Now it is her turn.

Yes Lilly, I know your work from experience, I watch you in depth

Your guard is down, head held high, confidence in every step

You’ve done this for years, you consider yourself a professional

With years I find my eyes cunning, what I have in store is indeed exceptional

You’ve come to settle down, the life you’ve lead not condoned for a wife

I’ve come to befriend, share memories, and learn about your life

You introduce with glee, you’ve been with so many, must have forgotten what you had done

I will never forget, in my mind your neck I have wrung

I see him, offer my services, and coax him arduously

He belongs to you, it’s my turn.

I return the favor Lilly

A Sirius Attraction

23 Apr

by: Megan Finsel

And we danced together,

You and me, held forever,

8.6 light years, light on our feet.

Trapped in this cosmos this eternity,

Bodies burning, 24,800 Kelvin,

A and B, you and me, welcome to ecstasy.

Around and around, whirling we go; orbital eccentricity.

First 31.5 AU then 8.1 AU and back again,

Held together in this gravitational field,

350,000 times greater than Earth’s,

Redshift, set adrift, amid Heaven’s seas.

It’s a dog-eat-dog universe out there;

They said we’d never make it.

Oh they scoffed: “They’ll sizzle out, shooting stars eventually fizzle.”

Yet while Orion rolled his eyes, while Leo and Gemini laughed and judged,

We were far from Earth, out of body, out of mind,

Glowing like a thousand suns.

Our ultraviolet luminosity was the source of their curiosity.

Together we can burn the brightest,

As we dancealonein space.

Binary; if you’ll be my companion, I’ll be your Primary,

A and B, you and me, welcome to our galaxy.

How can I describe me? If you’ve seen me around campus I always have a paintbrush in my hair. I am an artist and a writer and (whether with words or with paint) telling stories is one of my greatest passions. I strongly believe that words can make a difference, and if my work can make at least one person smile, then I have done my job. I hope someday to be a Special Education teacher, but I know I will always tell stories. Now you know me 🙂

Stranger on the Bus

23 Apr

by: Ksenia Arkhangelski

I don’t know who you are,

I don’t why you’re on the bus.

Maybe, like me, you crashed your car?

I don’t know what you’re thinking

As I sniffle next to you,

My heart like Titanic splitting, sinking.

I don’t know how your life’s been

You’ve no doubt shed more deserved tears

Than the silly ones dripping from my chin.

I don’t know your next destination,

Nor the worries fogging your mind,

Nor what gives you joy or frustration.

Still, I remember you, just for that time

When you told me it’ll be okay.

Your kindness inspired this rhyme.

Elderly Man Found Drowned in River

23 Apr

by: William Peters

(Dramatic poem)

I float under here and hear the town’s words
You talked about me.
Your voices are soothing to me now, your consonants rounded,
Fuzzy around the edges.

When I walked the streets in town you took in my high waisted pants
My cataract eyes, my teeth (did I put them in?), my hair nearly gone
My unsteady gate; my pauses.
No one bothered to ask my name any more
It is Avery. It was Avery. You know it now.
Your voices were sharp, commanding,
“Move it old man!” You thought I could not hear and
I played along.

Please do not feel guilty. I hold no grudges. I like it here.
Everything is smooth, I am youth now, fluid. My thoughts float by.
The river is dark, vast, and deep,
But sure of itself.
Commanding my direction,
Finally I have somewhere to go.

I will drift a while, you can join me here.
Awash in comfort, rocked in warmth.
Feelings are different in the underneath
They sluice, languid and silky
Gliding along my skin
Dip and sway, roll away.

Here beneath my shoulders aren’t rounded,
The burden of myself is lifted,
Carried away on the lulling current.
The sunlight glitters, filtered, refracted,
Even it can’t reach me here.

Oh you’ll all walk away,
I know that,
But knowing that won’t change me.
Eventually I’ll be a skeleton,
No flesh, just bones
Resting on the bottom,
The memory of me.

William Peters was born in Missippi but was raised for most of his life in Flagstaff, Arizona. As a result he is a lover of mountain bicycling, snowboarding, and most things outdoors. William is married to his wife, Melony, and has 3 children and a fourth on the way. He is in school with the hopes of becoming a mechanical engineer with a love for poetry reading on the side.