2010 -- 3.1 (Fall)

Poetry — Fall 2010

Chelsea Beasley, 9/11

Michelle Brown, I Fear Not

Doug Chapman, My Furry Friend

Ashley Darr, Believe

Michael DeLoach, The River

Kat Douse, Downturn Was Longest in Decades, Panel Confirmed

Kat Douse, A True Love Story

Gina Eairheart, Behind Building 700

Elizabeth Ferrante, Logical Process

Jay Foulk, What Happened to Your Leg?

Trevor (TJ) Goodin, Leave Your Mark

Tricia Gorton, Majestikal Smiles

William Graydon, Security Enabled

Katelynn Gudenau, Turn Up the Volume

Brittany Hoffman, Revolution

Chelsey Lucas, Curse

Chelsey Lucas, Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Taylor Meredith, The Flight

Tiffany Mills, Dear Dad

Marie Neston, Soldiers Fight for Love

Justin K. Oberg, How Much Sense Does that Make?

Sharon Valderrama, I’ve Got Time for Seconds

Faculty and Staff

Douglas Ford, Sixty-Nine

Yolanda J. Franklin, Southern Pot-Stickers

Woody McCree, The Ocala Forest

Woody McCree, Prayer for a Recent Planting