2009 -- 1.2 (Spring) Poetry

When You’re Mad by Sharon Valderrama ~ep

I’m not some little girl 
That you can toss around
And scream at
When you’re mad,
Be a good man.
I’m no Raggedy Ann doll,
I have feelings
A heart that beats 
Just like yours,
Even when you’re mad.
It’s time you took a look in the mirror,
See the person you are now,
You’re filled with anger and frustration,
Those are now your motivations,
I’m not trying to be hating,
But see the person you are now.
It’s not your fault,
I should’ve stood up
Straight and tall,
I had many chances
Now they’ll have to take me “as is.”
Look at me,
I’m all grown up
Stop trying,
Stop lying,
It won’t help you anymore
I’m out on my own,
On my way out the door.