2009 -- 1.2 (Spring) Poetry

Some Days She Got So Lonely She Went Outside by Meredith Fuss ~ep

Some days she got so lonely she went outside
dreamed of the days to come when
she could be intoxicated
with his love.
The waiting left so much time
for lust, for longing and aching for
his perfect body, sculpted and beautiful.
She ached to be in his
strong arms where she felt
cherished and owned. He
possessed her and
captivated her with every
movement, every
word spoken with sweet passion, every
smile – that gleam in his eyes. 
Those days she was in agony
in want of him. He was
forbidden, so she had to wait
in anguish for the moment when they could be
Free to be invigorated and
enraptured by each other’s love. 
Until then, she would
go outside
and dream.