2011 -- 4.1 (Fall) Poetry



By: Marc O’Leary

We all have stories, some are bittersweet and sad,

Others a bounty- all full of excitement and joy,

all are worthy, and should be readily told,

none were meant to shy away and hide.

As every life is worthy of living,

For it makes each of us who, and what we are,

and why – it is, these stories most often come

from somewhere deep inside

developed within our own personal mold.

So never be shy, nor ever think

your stories are unworthy of being told.

So take that step or take a stand,

be bold, tell your stories far and wide.

Always full of pride! For all our times draw nigh,

So do not allow time to pass you by, tell your stories now.

Before one day all too soon, they could be seen,

as the nonsensical ramblings, of someone now,

who is seen as being much too feeble and olde.

As for your stories- they will forever remain-

your stories forgotten – gone untold.