2012 -- 4.2 (Spring) Poetry

Wolf Bait

By:  Stacy Murphy

Everything about me

everything you want

My lips, my eyes

Cunt to clavicle

it’s all a trap of my father’s design.

You seem like a nice wolf

and it sure is a shame

The things I have to do to you

But a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?

You seem so sweet

so don’t you think

you should be on your way?

See, we’re almost through the woods

and I can see Gramma’s place up ahead

and if you just turn back now

everything could be ok.

I know what you want

you’re just like the others

bit there’s still time

before my father comes


you look so tasty

and a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?

Hear the rustle, Wolfie?

See the shaking trees?

Why didn’t you turn back?

It’s too late now

but it won’t hurt

my father’s fast

and it’s oh so sharp

and you seemed so sweet

but a girl’s gotta eat,

you know?