2012 -- 5.1 (Fall) Fiction

Primal Satisfaction

By Nosphio

“Well, hey there, you pretty little girl you.” …and there he was, one on one with his uninvited company, and she didn’t speak back to his comment. He sees that she’s naked, her beautiful form stands before him without judgment, and she appears to know he is enjoying the gaze. He guesses she’s about six years old, maybe seven, “damn, she looks fine for being six,” he thinks to himself. He’s been around the girls long enough to guess an age within moments and he’s never over a year from the guess; he gets excited with a grim grin now set upon his face. He stares deep into her eyes, her wild eyes, and she only blinks but never releases the hold. He steps forward, slowly, inviting, but she coils back in response to his advance; no words, still staring at the other. Still holding his smile, he starts softly humming at her, leaving out a hand and takes another slow eventful step towards her, to his goal, his desire for her. She considers moving forward…

“Why don’t you come inside and get yourself warm. You look lost, girl. I was fixing to make dinner, and you’re welcome to come inside and get some food.

There’s a few girls and a boy here that you could make friends with real quick-like, but not after I’m done getting to know you better tonight, if you
catch my drift.” She only blinks. He notices that she’s wearing a very pretty red and golden necklace and it looks expensive, and that’s the only thing on her fragile frame, her gorgeous supple body… Even in her age, she yearns for another man’s touch, gently stroking her sensitive areas and begging for more, knowing this stranger man would gladly deliver what she craves most.

“I have strong hands, but don’t you worry, I would never hurt someone with a pretty face like yours, girlie.” She now takes two steps forward, but remains still; she’s naked, after all, a girl can never be too careful, especially at night. She’s shivering, partly from the cool air, and from being afraid. So cold is the crisp air of the evening’s breath, blowing gently up and down her body, but she doesn’t hold herself… she wants the man to accept her for who she is and what she looks like.

There is no other way than to take action; he now knows what he must do to get the girl inside his house for the night, and maybe longer if no one knows she’s missing. He wants to touch her, he needs her, and damn it, he will get her inside his house and lock the door… no matter what it takes. He smiles from ear to ear, still staring at her for a few more seconds before making his sudden move.

The man crouches down and starts slapping his knees excitedly, “Here, girl! Come here!” and he starts to whistle. She wags her tail, barks a few times, and leaps forward, giving the stranger a few licks. He starts to pet down the coat on her back; she loves it! He checks out her collar to see if there are any tags, but there are none. Looks like she found a new home with a wonderful owner!