2012 -- 5.1 (Fall) Poetry

Shaved Legs

By: Jackie Anderson


When did women start shaving their legs?

Before you go” Shaved legs, really?”

Let me explain the pain and nuisance it is to shave your legs

It is a chore in itself you have to sit or stand and try not to cut the hell of out of your legs

Nobody wants to look like leper, Even though leopard spots are pleasing to the eye.


One night I was watching the “Sundance channel” and one of there “Historians” said
women have only been shaving their legs since the 1920-30’s.










To think women have only been in the habit of shaving must have flown over people’s heads for decades.
In 1915 all of the ad companies came together and decided to wage war on under arm hair.

The campaign was made to make women start shaving their under arm hair.

They chalked it up to clothing being shorter and sheerer.


And then women’s legs were the next frontier.

Some say we could blame Betty Gable for donning short shorts in a pin up advertisement.

But that would be a lame to blame just one person.


It was a sign of the times.

And women finally got to wear pants.

While making men pant.

In the end it’s not a bad thing, we live in Florida where it’s hot as hell most of the year. Women are better off shaving their legs.