2012 -- 5.1 (Fall) Poetry

An Oh-So-Common Household Spell for Raising the Dead

by Nosphio


Your suffering ends today,
The time is now to play!

With thoughts so hollow,
The pain in your wallow!

Maggots twist on patchy flesh,
Bones and muscles in a mesh!
You are only my pawn,
Until the break of dawn!
With a future so bleak,
The living are so weak!
Crush them under your might,
Instill in them a deep fright!
You’re immortal essence will thrive,
The death of my enemies shall arrive!
Your blood wears thin in your vien,
And their crimson liquid will rain!
With your strength and by your hand,
Terror will echo throughout the land!
O creature of the night,
For me, rise and fight!
Raise dead!