2012 -- 5.1 (Fall) Visual Arts

Fall 2012 — Visual Arts

Central America by jblumetti  (Photography)

Copperline by jblumetti (Photography)

ManMade by Loret’ (Acrylic on Canvas)

Jacob Marley by Katie Holt (Photography)

Tiger Eye by Katie Holt (Photography)

Welcome by Jamie Johnson (Photography)

You Can’t See Me by Jamie Johnson (Photography)

Christmas Joy by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Close up Flower by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Color Pencil Water Drop by Peter Sirangelo (Color Pencil)

Open Your Eyes by Tiffanie Alexandra Tillert (Photoshop)


Faculty and Staff

The Daisy Dolls — A Homage to Felisberto Hernandez by Claudia Daniels (Photoshop)

Harsh Environment #647 by Adrienne Gould-Choquette (Photoshop)

Frog Habitat by Woody McCree (Photography)