2013 -- 5.2 (Spring) Poetry


by:  Megan Finsel

We are not amused! In this joke of yours

This reality you’ve made

Where the cost of popularity is higher than virginity

We are not amused

In your swag and your ‘tude

Yolo? Oh no! Mad bro? Ya know!

This reality isn’t real

Fake! Faux! False!

It’s a mirage in the desert distance,

A drink eluding your thirsty lips

We are not amused

In what you define as beauty

Beauty of skin, beauty on skin, injected in skin, and cut from skin

Or in what you consider stylish

It is appalling

How an open door, an open hand, a smile, a tipping hat

Has become so obsolete

We are not amused

In how you judge us, how you see us, how you hold us to paper cutouts, paper thin, and tell us: “look this way!” or “act this way if you want to be accepted!”

Do this! Do that! Cut this! Crimp that! Who are you to tell us how to be?

We are who we are the way we are for a reason beyond what your shortsighted eyes can view

We are not amused

How can I describe me? If you’ve seen me around campus I always have a paintbrush in my hair. I am an artist and a writer and (whether with words or with paint) telling stories is one of my greatest passions. I strongly believe that words can make a difference, and if my work can make at least one person smile, then I have done my job. I hope someday to be a Special Education teacher, but I know I will always tell stories. Now you know me 🙂