2013 -- 6.1 (Fall) Poetry


By Kristina Rehak

As the time wastes away so does my soul,

Withered like someone’s age,

My day comes to its end.

Wishing that I can face the next day,

Knowing that no matter what,

I am going to have to deal with it anyway.

My eyes shut without my consent,

Dwelling in my dreams,

I overlook the problems of the day.

My loss of breath expands to a loss of energy,

I lay in the breathless state,

In the darkness of the room.

The only thing to comfort me,

Are the dreams to come,

And I fall into my restless sleep.

I dream of you and my breath sparks,

You are my breath and my hope,

To get through the next day.

So I smile as I dream,

Because I am with you,

Wishing my dreams will never end.

I awake, yet my breath dies again,

Because without you,

Every start of my day is really the end.


Bio: My name is Kristina Rehak, and I’m currently attending SCF to obtain my AA in Biology. After my 2 years I will be transferring to FAU on the East Coast of Florida to continue my schooling, to eventually obtain a Master’s in Marine Biology with a Minor in Oceanic Engineering. I am an animal and nature lover, and my favorite reading material is poetry. Favorite authors are Charles Bukowski and Percy Shelly Bysshe. I will be getting married Nov. 9th 2014, and my favorite hobbies is cooking and surfing.