2013 -- 6.1 (Fall) Poetry

Ottis O’Riley

By Courtney Cournan

Every three weeks on the dot I hear my mother say,

You look homeless child go get a hair cut today,

As I obey her commands and do as I am told,

I venture to the nearby barber to get the mow,

I tell her short over here and same over there,

But for the middle make it stand straight in the air,

She looked pretty shocked — a well dressed boy like me,

Asking her to take the side parted hair to a Mohawk frenzy,

She did as she was told and I paid her extra for no comments,

But walking the neighborhood streets people were astonished,

Some glanced as I passed; others pointed in front,

How did little Ottis Riley get into this funk?

As I swung open the front door I saw mom doing the dishes,

I slammed it behind me and caused a uneasiness,

She dropped her plate smashing hard on the floor,

Her hands covering her mouth splashing up soap and more,

The screams still echoed deep in my head,

Hours later as I lay bald in my bed.


Bio: My name is Courtney Cournan; I am a twenty three year old dental assistant and college student. My goals in life are to become a dental hygienist and travel the world with missionary’s using my medical knowledge and religious beliefs to help others. I currently have about four more years of school until I will accomplish this goal, due to only going part time and working full time. I am proud of myself for getting threw this semester, English has never been one of my strong suits but I gave it my all and it turns out I truly took a big interest in poetry! It makes all the difference when you have a great professor. I hope you enjoy the poem!