2013 -- 6.1 (Fall) Staff

Staff — Fall 2013

Editorial Council

Kaitlyn Beck


Chloe Churchill

Chloe E. Churchill is a student at the State College of Florida in Venice since 2012. She is currently working towards her associates degree, and hope to graduate from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s in British Literature. She writes fantasy and historical fiction short stories, and strives to one day publish novels in those genres. She is particularly interested in culture studies and their effect on literature. She has a role in the campus’ creative writing club, Swamp Scribes, as well as co-heading an independent writer’s workshop. She worked as an editor of the Elektraphrog magazine and helped organize submissions. She is originally from Surrey,UK.


Marla Cooper

Marla is 20 year old hard worker just trying to get by until life can really begin. She hopes to study journalism at USF and loves to sing, play guitar, and relax with her loved ones.


Timothy Kujawa
Tim does the rejections. So blame him.

Austin Saupe
Does not write bios. But he has a cool name. It’s pronounced “soap.”

Rachel Surette

Rachel Surette is a dual enrolled student at SCF and Riverview High School. She plans on attending FSU or UF in the future. She still doesn’t know what she wants to make her occupation, but it will probably fall somewhere in between communications, journalism, or music. Her passions including reading, singing, playing the guitar and piano, being with her family and friends, and sleeping.