2014 -- 6.2 (Spring) Poetry


By: Len

Oh your fresh cheese, and yummy meat was a weakness of mine

Then I started working there only to find,

The nauseating smell causes my nose to wither

The scent of the turkey package makes me shiver.

The meatballs in the microwave, the distasteful smell in the air,

I look down at the piles of cheese, oh no there is a hair!

The cookies bake in the oven, chocolate goodness oh my,

But wait around the corner is a man with green hair dye

He makes the subs along with me, but he has a secret I know,

During his breaks, he fills his lungs and the air smells of tobacco.

He comes inside and rushes to the line forgetting one thing,

Putting on his gloves without washing his hands, his hands are poisoning.

All the while my knees ache and I want to go home,

But wait I have to stay here because green hair man can’t be alone.


Bio: My name is Leneisha Cenac, and this will be my fourth and final semester at the State College of Florida. I am graduating this fall and hope to either go to Florida State University or The University of Central Florida, I am currently undecided. I am President of the Music Club, and I take pleasure in participating in everything I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem!