2014 -- 6.2 (Spring) Poetry


By: Daniel Cadogan

Remember when the whole universe was the panoramic

View of our hometown from the top of that hill?

Remember walking up to Old Bob’s front lawn

And picking up chestnuts

And eating them on grandpa’s porch while the leaves fell?

Remember roller blading down Central Ave.

Thinking that inclined 50 yard stretch

Sent us the fastest we would ever go?

Remember sledding down the hill behind my house

And almost tumbling down the cliff onto the railroad tracks?

Remember riding our bikes to the next town over

And the cops gave us a ride home

And the cop knew you because he arrested your dad

For dealing coke?

Remember when we had crushes on those girls

In Ms. Stahlman’s class

But we never called them?

Remember Adrian and Caleb and Austin

And Mike and Harley and Brooke

And Judd and Stevie and Alex?

Yeah, I don’t remember anything either.