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21 Apr

Megan Finsel:

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Words have a great power to me. They can evoke emotions, thoughts, and ideas. They can start and end wars, and they can paint pictures. When I learned I could use words to express myself, I realized I had found my passion. Writing is my way to communicate the complex emotions and thoughts that we all tuck away in the recesses of our hearts. And if I can make at least one person smile through my writing, then I know I have done my job 🙂
Brandie Hyde:

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Words that could easily be used to describe the way past two years have gone and the trend that seems to be continuing are: complicated, challenging, colorful… those are the most polite ways I can think of to put it. But as the saying goes “life goes on”. The only words of wisdom I have to offer are these: NO relationship is worth putting your education “on hold”. PLEASE finish what you start! Live your lives as though they were one big adventure, and as often as possible, without regret.
Daniel Flood:

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Hi I’m Daniel,
I decided to take Magazine Production because I wanted to see how people write, how they feel when they write. I wanted to understand the idea of writing poetry and short stories, and being able to be a part of a Literacy Magazine online is awesome. Also my girlfriend dragged me into the class lol, but it has its perks. As for me I don’t write much. I would like to start up again one day with the added a billion other things I want to do. But I read a lot of books and love criminal justice, Police, Military movies. I’m a guy which means l love guns, Asian boys, cars, women, especially my girlfriend 😉 in my heart I love protecting people, and one day I’ll be a Police Officer. This means i will be doing three things, Serving the People, Keeping the peace and upholding the law. Granted the law is not perfect but I want to be that police officer that you see in movies where everybody loves and willing to help and serve people. Music is a Passion as well from Orchestra, Rock, and Country. Another passion of mine is gaming, I have a Xbox 360 a ps3 and well I temporary computer that I play games on. On a good note my girlfriend wants me to get into Taekwondo, which I can’t tell is a bonus or not, hopefully I don’t make her mad and we start sparing the kitchen or something like in the movies lol Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith =P. My Favorite color is blue, and my dream car is a 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback, like from the movie Gone In 60 Seconds, the gray and Black Stripe Eleanor

Well that’s it. That is what you ought to know about me

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Moriah Luiz:

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Hi Everyone , I’m Moriah
I am a hard working dedicated student who loves writing. I think that writing is the best way for a person to express themselves and I find that it is also very therapeutic as well. In addition to being a part of Elektraphrog I am also an Active member of swamp Scribes the schools creative writing club. I will become a teacher after the end of my academic career.
Patricia McGraw:

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Aries, INTJ, O positive; if any of that means anything to describe myself. Female, 20, likes long walks on the beach.. Will be graduating and attending USF for Elementary Education. Holla at yur gurl!

Taylor Simensky:

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I am a full time student at SCF, grew up in North Port. After attending SCF, I plan to attend USF to get degrees in English and Music Performance and become a teacher. I enjoy writing fiction as well as poetry. Holla at yo boi


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