2014 -- 7.1 (Fall) Fiction

A Way with Words

By: Bluefin Jones

…then she left in an emotional outburst but with no words to express it; just an enraged look about her. When she returned, Fredrich realized tonight would be the last night of his life. She finally snapped and got out the butterfly knife he gave her on their ten-year anniversary. She walked towards him with a hint of madness shining from her glazed eyes. As the crazed woman advanced, she only said six words over and over again in a fury of speed.

The same six words he told her 41 seconds ago as a means of separation; the same six words cried out while peeling his flesh to ribbons; the same six words that sliced into her heart, and now into his.

“I gotta cut you loose now.”


Bio: In a time different from this, on a distant sea, Bluefin Jones, while riding his domesticated Dinoshark, spoke to another man simply named Redwing Smith, who was held by the claw-hooves of a giant flying Pot-bellied pig, about the quality of peanut butter in this timeline’s supermarkets. Bluefin chose the leading market brand name while Redwing chose the generic brand, and promptly so, they entered an epic battle of wits, loud noises, scoffing, and theories of the sandwich crafting. They went their separate ways and never spoke again, but Bluefin still thinks about that fateful encounter and adjusts his sleeping schedule for 20-minute crying fits of frustration. Bluefin Jones seeks an outlet from the separation and found that his creative outlet is best expressed through the written word.