2009 -- 2.1 (Fall) Poetry


As I lay in a filthy bed,
Weary head nodding…
I drift to and fro a bad dream.
Evils at work are steadily plotting,
And no help is at hand it would seem.
Tossing and turning I struggle against sleep,
Salty sweat forms of beat at every pore.
Often the distance a being tall and stout-
Moves ever slowly toward my door.
Through a wall with a stain – I can now hear it breathing…
And the knob on the door starts to turn…
I can feel the evil inside the beast seething,
Its intent was my soul to burn.
And as the door opened, time made its escape –
With every fiber of my being I lunge…
The first attack so sudden, on my side a deep scrape,
And the demon damns me with its evil twisted tongue.
Brought to my knees, I began to weep,
As I scoured hallowed halls for the strength that I keep.
And when it first came, I did not know…
It was the beast’s eyes that gave it away.
Then to my feet I suddenly rose,
Arms to the heavens in praise.
And without hesitation I destroyed the beast,
And control of my soul I regained…
Only to relinquish it kneeling at the feet,
Of my Savior in Heaven who reigns.