2014 -- 7.1 (Fall) Poetry

Recipe For Freedom

By: Ryan Fowler

One can Cream of Independent Thinking

Pour over at least twelve years of ground up education

In a twelve inch skillet.

*Note: Must have community powered stove.

Place skillet over high heat of revolution.

Stir occasionally.

Meanwhile, chop up some Fox news, Sean Hannity, and a greedy corporation,

then throw that out because they are all bitter.

Mix 4 tablespoons of Jean-Paul Sartre, with a just a teaspoon of Nietzsche in a small bowl.

Bring half a pound of “I Have a Dream” to a boil, drain, return to pot.

Add mixture from small bowl.

Add as much of the elusive Integrity of Politicians as you can find to the skillet and pour over

“I Have a Dream.”

If you cannot find any Integrity of Politicians,

Just turn up the heat of community powered revolution

Until it all looks the same.


Bio: Ryan Fowler is a second year student at the Venice campus of SCF. He enjoys the arts and would like to write and direct films in the future. He has a particular taste in music and aesthetics that seems a bit different from the norm of society. It is this unique view on beauty that allows him to creatively evoke different kinds of emotions with his works.