2014 -- 7.1 (Fall) Poetry

Maiden Fair

By: Jack

Late into night the shout rang out
And echoed off the trees
With deep timbre and pleading tone
The shout soon found the sea

With rolling waves and mighty gust
The shout was carried far
And passed a simple fishing boat
Long guided by the stars

The shout seemed lost amid the vast
Ocean’s unceasing roar
Until a bright beacon of light
Did call it to the shore

The shout renewed its strength to fly
Past light and snoring man
Who shuddered in his sleep as if
He’d heard to where it ran

Scuttling over rock and lee
A castle it soon found
With princess pining for her knight
And crying without sound

Yet all tears dried when she did hear
The faint voice of her knight
Fair head held high and face now dry
New hope to bring her light