2014 -- 7.1 (Fall) Poetry

I Have Never Loved You and I Never Will

By: Leah Glaser

Fresh out of the womb,
Our minds are molded to believe
that unless our bodies fall into Barbie doll shapes
we might as well fall into the notion
that we are worth less than the tails up penny
found lying in the middle of the interstate

That unless we succumb ourselves to every
grapefruit diet we will be nothing more than rotten fruit
on the tree of one too many shakes and one too few salads

We are taught that owning ourselves is too big of a purchase,
that we must loan out our worth to the opinions of others

And so we stand in front of the mirror,
pinching at our extra layer of warmth
As if to tell it I have never loved you and I never will.


Bio: I am currently a freshman at the Bradenton SCF campus, but will be going to Florida Gulf Coast University in the spring. This poem was inspired by watching multiple spoken word artists.