2009 -- 2.1 (Fall) Poetry

Our Generation

Our generation will never amount to more than the sins of our fathers.

And every so often a ray of light shall be bred from the evil that is this world,

Only to be crushed under the heel of darkness, that plagues this earth.

And yet no one will remember the great man that once was,

But only the dramatic fall of the hero who was consumed by fire.

Still we’ve seen empires fall and still we join in their failures,

Rather than learn from them.

But why do we do the things we do?

To cope with such a foul hand that God has dealt us,

While a newly conceived baby will never see the light of day?

Because everyone else is doing it,

And we have this dire need to fit in that has been instilled in us since birth?

Or is it because that we are weak and succumb to the vices

That have constricted this world like a venomous serpent

since the beginning of time, when all we must do is

Rise above it and take charge by the horns of hell

And drive it back to the depths of which it once came.

For all people who still hold a torch of hope for this world,

Nothing has changed,

Nothing will change,

As long as sons and daughters disappoint their parents,

Then there is no chance of returning from the abyss.

And as bleak as that is, it’s true

For the History of man has repeated itself

Time and time again.