2015 -- 7.2 (Spring)

Staff — Spring 2015

Danielle Dean

I’m an English major currently working towards earning my A.A.at SCF. Reading and writing have always been my favorite hobbies (bibliophile might as well be my middle name), and working in publication makes it easy to fulfill both of these! I hope to transfer to USF or another state school once I’ve finished my time at SCF to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. After school, I hope to one day become an editor and/or author.

William Goetluck

Everyone knows me by Jake, and its always fun to see teachers reactions when i don’t go by Will or Billy, since those are usually the first two names that are asked first. Im studying to be a Graphic Design major and hoping to run my own business sometime in the near future. I was planning on transferring to UCF once i get my required credits but I’m leaning more towards just getting my two years in and be done with school so I can focus on my business, and if I feel like I need more schooling then I’ll finish up my bachelors later.

Leslie Stanley

In my day to day life, I am known by Nikki. But in the realm of my creative works, I’m Syn.
I don’t waste time telling people who I am; people don’t listen. I show people who I am. And just like any good work of art, people will form their own opinions of you, regardless of what you tell them or show them. And that’s why I leave that up to the individual.

Maria Sacali

I am originally from Moldova, a small, poor country in Eastern Europe. I came to America about 8 years ago and lost most of my Russian accent due to my American friends. I am planning on majoring in either writing or psychology. But I might surprise myself and do something completely different, because I am good at most things I try. I am a strong believer in self worth and it took me almost 20 years to figure out that the only persons’ approval I need in order to succeed is my own, and when people see you succeeding, despite their previous opinion of your success, they will come crawling back and stand next to you. And it is completely up to you to let them stay there, or push them away, just as they’d done to you. But all of that depends on if you care for them, or not.