2015 -- 7.2 (Spring) Poetry

Victim to Beauty

By Jordan Noyes

We voiced our concern with how he left us,
With organs wrought to twilight,
As we crowded around his remains,
The children playing with stolen teeth,
Caressing dreamless eyes,
The adults kicking a soul-departed son,
Letting free the anger,
Which surpasses normality,
Each eager to indulge,
An end beyond compare,
But we found no joy,
For we were left with unkind monuments,
Monuments of bone and blood,
Sinew and sorrow,
He was lost and we jeered,
Disgusted at how he went,
In the heart of ignorance and fear,
A pleasuring death drowned our terrors,
But an ugly demise was an unfulfilling end,
And so we thirsted,
To create from ourselves,
A sight both loathsome and merry,
So we went to the roof anew,
And pushed each another once more,
Waiting for the next to fall,
Hoping death would come,
But above all,



Bio: My name is Jordan Noyes, I am currently a student at SCF, and I adore the macabre. Though my poem may not be the best example of one’s writing, I enjoy creating stories that direct the reader over to the strange by denouncing the mundane.