2015 -- 7.2 (Spring) Poetry

2:17 am

By Hannahmrdth

She looked over at the clock

And sighed.

She closed her textbook

And went to the window.

She got the sudden urge

To go outside.

Glancing over at her unfinished assignment,

She frowned and grabbed a sweater from her over-crowded closet.


She closed the front door and felt

The cool, crisp, September air.

The ground was cold and damp

Beneath her bare feet.

A gust of wind danced, almost melodically,

Through the trees.

It kissed her face and blew through

Her hair.

Even with the warmth of her sweater,

She shivered slightly.

The wind was gone in seconds

And she found herself incredibly lonely in its absence.


She took the stone path,

And made her way to the street.

She laid down

To admire the stars.

Entranced by the sky,

She began counting the stars.

Losing count at 645,

She closed her eyes.


She was surprisingly thoughtless.

She wasn’t thinking about

The future or her unfinished homework

That is due in the morning.

Not about her mother’s criticism or her lack of sleep.

Not even about that boy

She loved quite terribly.


Her mind was silent, the noise had vanished.

She could breathe, but

Only for a moment

Before the pain swept over her

Like a wave.

She returned to reality

With a few tear drops and

Heartache as great

And as powerful as the stormy sea.


Bio: My name is Hannah Meredith, I live in Venice, Florida with my 6 younger siblings. We are all adopted, and who knows, by the time you read this we could have another one. I am going to SCF to get my AA in a major that I have yet to figure out, but I am working on it. Currently I work at Brew Burgers and I absolutely love working there. I hope you enjoy my piece.