2015 -- 7.2 (Spring) Poetry Visual Arts

Brain Storm



By Jaime Ruehle

Thundering through the night crashing

in my sleep. Ideas pour down like

raindrops but they never miss a

beat. The beauty of the brain

storm in dark and lightning,

rain. Ideas, pictures

dancing, storming up

my brain. Its three

o’clock already, and

my fourth time out

of bed. Because

this wondrous

storm is tearing

through my

head. Now

I’m dragging

to my feet,

and I barely

slept at


Not for a moment did I ever think

that the thunder clouds would fall.


Bio: I am a full time student in pursuit of my DVM (doctor of veterinary medicine),  and am at SCF to get my A.A. degree and prerequisites finished. I work part time at a vet office in Venice as a veterinary technician (similar to a nurse), and in my free time I study very hard in order to achieve scholastic success. This kind of a lifestyle takes a lot of determination, and I have even more than that. Poetry has been a big part of my life, and the main outlet for my emotions. I hope you enjoy my work.