2015 -- 8.1 (Fall) Poetry

The Fragile Lake

by Annette Kinship

My moments of fear

Are fragile like a lake

Carefully I tread

Into the dark of the sight

Remembering the pain

On the other side

Tremulous woes

‘board my ship

They move about

Tipping and longing

To suck me in.

Moments of fear

As a thief

Into the depth

Of the dark.

No candle, no star

No flicker of lightning bug

As I tiptoe


Under my feet,

My heart knowing

I could freeze

If a crackle

Beneath defeat.

I tenderly

As if walking on air

Steel my thoughts

Searching for

The memory of light.

A feather if dropped

With the cold night air

Could shift the thin

Frozen sheet of water,

I must stay my mind

Or the chill air

Will become my fate.

I walk with all grace

I lift my weight to God

I tend to my soul

With the strength

Of Love.

My ship does not tip

My feet do not sink

The thief cannot steal

Darkness loosed.