2015 -- 8.1 (Fall)

Issue 8.1- Fall 2015


You Did by Lydia

Going Down? by Riley Quinn

The Third Law by Beatrice

Thirteen Axes Minus One by Lexxa

Disjointed Reaction To A Scream by Brandie Hyde

Ultimate Ultimatum by Brandon Henry

Candelabra by Megan Finsel

Lies by Megan Finsel

Stains by Megan Finsel

The Ghost In the Bedroom by Megan Finsel

Today As I Walked by Annette Kinship


Earth Rewrites by Dr. Woody McCree

Anniversary Massacre by Lexxa

Cat and Mouse by Wesley Strall

Oh Jupiter by Brandon Henry

Scars by Megan Finsel

The Fragile Lake by Annette Kinship

Visual Arts:

A Bridges Bones by Matthew Farrow

Under the Boardwalk by Matthew Farrow

A Golden Sunset by Matthew Farrow

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