2016 -- 8.2 (Spring) Poetry

Little Bird

By: Ryley Grail


Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve


It started with her beauty

she was divine, and her

perfume stayed lingering

with me.

Her love was my bittersweet

catastrophe, and it devoured

me whole.

When she spoke, the chorus of

a symphony played.

The serendipity of meeting her

acquaintance that first night

soon turned into a morose


Death was not the reason

why she had left, it was

her narcissistic and flippant


Even though her hellish grin

had me wrapped around her

finger, our relationship became,

and I “quoth the raven,


She became the epitome of

perplexity and conundrums.

Although I shall miss when

she would ravish me

with her voluptuous body,

she is but a fiend,

and a malevolent one at that.



My name is Ryley Kvamme, and I am the sole owner/operator of Ryley Grail Photography. I’m the momma of two cats, Maggie and Roman, I’m a full-time waitress, and I’m also a signed model. I plan on finishing my AA here at SCF and then transferring to Daytona soon after. If that plan doesn’t fall through, Colorado is Plan B.