2016 -- 8.2 (Spring) Staff

Staff Page

Shauna Longshore

My name is Shauna, and I’m a sophomore here at SCF. I’ve lived in Florida for almost ten years now, and I graduated from Lemon Bay in 2014. I love traveling, although it’s difficult to do on a student’s budget. I’m also a reading fanatic, I love anything revolving around literature, writing, or editing and because of this I hope to one day work in the publishing or journalism fields. This is my second semester working on ElektraPhrog and it’s been amazing!

Taylor Hill

My name is Taylor, a born and raised Floridian, who is in her sophomore year here at SCF. I graduated from Venice High School, where I dabbled in as many things as I could, as of right now the majority of my time is spent between school and two jobs I love, one of which is Coaching Gymnastics to children. This will be last semester at SCF, after which I plan to go to a college in Florida and major in English to go into publishing and editing.

Zakari Moore

My name is Zakari Moore. Having been born and partially raised in Western Australia I have dual citizenship with both the United States and Australia. I spent most of my childhood being home-schooled and traveling both countries. After turning eighteen I enlisted in the United States Army and served three years before being medically discharged. After six months of physical therapy, I started working for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer in a medium-security prison. Realizing I wasn’t happy there I sold everything I had and moved to Florida. I’ve been living here for a year and a half. I’m majoring in English and have no goal in life but to be happy. Life has been generous to me in allowing me to travel to many countries and experience dozens of cultures. Upon finishing my degree at SCF I’ll be moving back to Australia for a year or two before moving on to other countries.

Elizabeth Capell

Having grown up playing on the beaches of Siesta Key, and longtime duel resident of Sarasota; Elizabeth is returning to Sarasota to pursue both her academic and profession careers in Journalism. As a youth she traveled the world with her parents. Finally settling in Papua New Guinea, a deeply involved and politically charged environment, Elizabeth fell in love with journalism and communication when she was only a teenager. Inspired by her work study course at a local news station she quickly developed a passion for the ideals that Journalism represented to her. This determination has remained with her, as she pursues her professional career. Among some of her accomplishments, Elizabeth is a loving wife and mother to four beautiful children. She is a member of the Professional Journalism Society. She is a published reporter, and has even been asked to speak before the World Health Organization in the spring of 2016. She has spent the last few years working in children’s media relations with a concentration on international marketing and brand identity as it pertains to social media. She is currently working for Lost City Publishing.

Ernest Dorman

Hello, it’s me! (adele pun) I’m Ernest Dorman. I was born in Jamaica and moved to Port Charlotte when I was eleven years old. I’ve been living here for years now, and I graduated from Port Charlotte High School. I am lover of great conversations and Green Tea, and travel, I want to see the world one day and experience other cultures and also see all the beauty that is out there. Music is my passion, I wish to be a professional singer one day. Another passion of mine is fashion, if I do not become a professional singer, I would like work with fashion Magazine or Brand. I am currently a junior here at State College of Florida, after SCF I would like to go on to a university and major in Communications with a concentration in Public Relation and maybe minor in music.