2008 -- 1.1 (Fall) Poetry

Storming Negativities

By Rebecca Varley

storming negativities surround despite dissent.
evils present peril ever so ingeniously.
clad in vain, clever uniform, miniature menaces, one by one,
dive into orifices and swim throughout the protoplasm.
swimming about, maniacally, wreaking havoc in each organ. annihilating hope,
instilling insecurities, and eliminating ease.
stealthily inventing, impelling, and intensifying fears,
they maliciously manipulate each and every energy along the way,
cleverly, they raise a veil of trickery that prevents positivity.
pitiful self-loathing and hypocritical hate send the self askew.
deceived, depression reigns.
the leader of the troops? the wretched propellor of despair?
one’s self.
one’s victim. one’s tormentor. one’s salvation.