2008 -- 1.1 (Fall) Poetry

The Great Depression

By Maxime Poitevien, Elektraphrog Publicist

When did it become hard to get a job with a master’s degree?
Well-educated individuals at home with no job, but Bush still refuses to see
America’s in debt, yet its money from our pockets they take
We’re running out of gas because our president fails to communicate
Or shall I say can’t communicate the appropriate way
Then gets rejected.  Now our soldiers get sent out to steal land and give their life away
Jobs cutting down on employees, mothers whom have no husband to provide
Gets relieved from work being left with no decision but to cry
The ones who need are the individuals praying every night on their knees
While the ones who have, are being self-centered and watching them internally bleed
The crime rates are increasing because to some it’s the only way to eat
When there’s no source of income, how else would one stand on their feet?
Many are being strong but it’s becoming hard to hold on
Will Obama win because 4 more years of suffrage is too long
The presidential race is coming up, shall we be cheated from our votes again?
Shall democrats take over or will republicans cheat the machines once more to win
We were once told to “Lift every voice and sing”
So let us be the melody to the ears of the republicans voting
As I write many individuals are experiencing a stage of recession
But if we don’t vote this year soon we’ll be in “The Great Depression”