2008 -- 1.1 (Fall) Poetry

Pen in Hand

By Theresa McMillan

What would John Lennon say today?
He would still say, “Give peace a chance.”
Let’s end this ridiculous political dance
With pen in hand
He would say, “All you need is love”
Why is it so hard for you?
Just look at what the world’s going through
War is not the answer to look to
Come on let’s have the new revolution
With the idea of love as the solution
With pen in hand
John would say, “Why can’t you understand?”
Yes, we are all from different countries
But inside we are all the same
So let us stop playing these mind games
John would say,
“We all need to stop hiding our love away”
With pen in hand he would still write what he believed
Nothing would change John in the 21st century