2008 -- 1.1 (Fall)

Fall 2008 Poetry

Student Poetry

Blood Soldier
By Jennifer Williams

Brain Fuzz
By Nicole Badiali

Digging Deeper into Hell
By Jennifer Williams

I Am Alone
By Christy Speca

In the Life of a Tree
By Tatyana Sumakova

Just How Dangerous is an Open Heart?
By Coral La Rosa

Pen In Hand
By Theresa McMillan

Skipping Under Ladders
By Nicole Badiali

Storming Negativities
By Rebecca Varley

By Jennifer Williams

MCC Staff Poetry

October Chill
By Dr. Allen Culpepper, Associate Professor of English

By Lynda Platone, Executive Assistant

Elektraphrog Staff Poetry

Bumps in the Road
By Sarah Ward, Editor

The Great Depression
By Maxime Poitevien, Publicist

By Glenn Banish, Assistant Managerial Editor