Issue 7.1 — Fall 2014


Cherries by: Priyam Patel

Sassy by: Alexis Gualandri

The New Puppy by: Grayson, Reed and McDalley

Heron by: Theresa Smith-Ennis

Romance by: Theresa Smith-Ennis

Mi Amore/My Love by: Rachel A. Tate

Road Rage by: Helen M. Ulrich

What I Miss by: Megan Finsel

Safe by: Megan Finsel

Colliding Dreams by: Megan Finsel

Recipe for Freedom by: Ryan Fowler

Regret by: Monica I Castro

Maiden Fair by: Jack

I Have Never Loved You and I Never Will By: Leah Glaser

Dangerous Love by: Bluefin Jones

You are the Fond Memory of Happiness by: Bluefin Jones

Purgatory Steel by: Bluefin Jones

Hidden Forever by: Michelle Valkov

Not the Worlds Last Gazelle by: T.A. Parker

Constellations by: Danielle Dean




A Way with Words by: Bluefin Jones

Suspended by: Danielle Dean

Long Meadow Rd. by: Megan Finsel

Wings by: Megan Finsel

Sincerely, Love by: Megan Finsel

The Intervention by: Megan Finsel




No Dumping by: Leah Glaser

Love in Strange Places by: Tim Nail

Reflection of the World by: Tim Nail

After the Rain by: Tim Nail

A Path to Success by: Tim Nail

Clouds of the Sunrise by: Tim Nail

Equilibrium by: John Woodrow

Equilibrium by: John Woodrow

Equilibrium by: John Woodrow


Venice Campus Library Whiteboard Stories as curated by Rhonda Kay

2014 Editorial Staff

December 1, 2014