Issue 8.2 — Spring 2016


“The Business Man” by BlackWitch’s Cat
“A Really Killer Ad,” by Breanna Glover-VanRensselaer
“Wendigo,” by Amanda Grosso
“Qalupalik,” by Megan Finsel
“Click,” by Megan Finsel
“Cherry Paws and Afghan Echoes,” by Sydney Haines
“The Tale of Lunt,” by Jesse Leisch



“Isn’t Perfect,” by Ernest Dorman
“Geniuses,” by Megan Finsel
“Nostalgia,” by Megan Finsel
“You Need Me,” by Megan Finsel
“Little Bird,” by Ryley Grail
“A Cautionary (Fairy) Tale,” by Sydney Haines
“I Look at the Sky,” by Jesse Leisch
“Goddess — An Abecedarian” by Jordan Noyes



“North Port’s Throne,” by Ryley Grail
“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,” by Ryley Grail


Elektraphrog Staff


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April 25, 2016