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28 Apr

Michelle Papini (Editor in Chief) is in her sophomore year here at the State College of Florida. She will be receiving her AA at the end of the semester and transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall to receive her BA in Journalism/Creative Writing. She was the fiction editor of the fall 2009 issue and hopes to continue pursuing magazine production.

Christine Penxa is in her first semester on the Elektraphrog Staff. She is currently working on her Associates of Arts Degree at SCF, and plans to go on to FSU to major in International Relation. Some of her hobbies include listening to music, writing, and reading, photography, singing, and playing instruments. She enjoys traveling and learning about world culture. More recently she has volunteered at the Sarasota Film Festival, and won second place in a Photography competition at SCF. When she is not hanging out with friends she can be spotted most often at Barnes and Noble, or Starbucks.

Cherstin is co-editor-in-chief of Elektraphrog, and is part of an elite, wandering group of college students with no academic goal as of yet. A native Floridian, her vices include writing, caffeine, nicotine, and Palahniuk, in no particular order. A former HUMINT collector, she’s traded in her Army stripes for life as a mom. Her work has been recently published in Dog Oil Press.

Becky Raph will be a junior this coming semester at the University of Central Florida to obtain her degree in Event Management. She is recently engaged and has more pets than can be counted. Becky also founded “Jason’s Cure” which is a non-profit organization focused on helping those who are struggling with addiction. She has had a blasty blast working with the Elektraphrog family and being a part of this magazine!

Brenda Weiss has been self-employed for 30 years with husband John Weiss in the field of concrete and contracting. Brenda has attended SCF for two semesters now working toward a degree in Journalism/ Photography.

Kenisha Pittman is a nineteen year old and has been a CNA now for two years. She is an independent mother and has a two year old daughter. In her second semester at SCF, she intends to finish pre-requisites to become a dental hygienist

Julie Kashishian is finishing her 2nd semester here at SCF. She’s working towards her degree in Journalism/Photojournalism, and has big plans for write for the “Alternative Press Magazine” in Ohio some day. She lives in a crazy household and has eight brothers and sisters, and for a fun fact, she enjoys being the Vegetarian that she is :]

Daniel DeBrun is the current Web Master of the Elektraphrog web site. Daniel will graduate from State College of Florida with an A.A. and plans to transfer to one of the area’s art schools to pursue a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. Daniel is father to the most amazing two boys on the planet, Austin and Aiden, and has almost been married for two years. He has been part of a “Three Time State Champion” wrestling team (placing third individually), spent three years working avionics on the B-1b Lancer, B-52 Bomber, and the B-2 Stealth bomber for the United States Air Force, and spent a few years working in casinos in Las Vegas as a Blackjack and Roulette dealer. Daniel has also done Hollywood extra work in a movie called “Race to Space” starring James Woods and Annabeth Gish, and recently took on the leading male role at Lemon Bay Playhouse in the stage performance, “Cheating Cheaters”. He currently works as a student assistant in the remedial reading and writing lab, and in the computer information systems lab for State College of Florida (Venice). Daniel is proud to be part of State College of Florida’s online literary arts magazine!

PJ German – former editor in chief for two semesters and current student advisor of Elektraphrog, president of Swamp Scribes, student blogger for the SCF website, and teacher aid in the English lab – does much more writing than he has time for. He is graduating in 2010 with his A.A., and will attend USF in the fall to continue his education in English.

Doug Ford has now served two semesters as the faculty advisor for Elektraphrog. His other duties at the State College of Florida include teaching a variety of literature and writing courses, including creative writing. His own work (often of the macabre sort) has appeared in such publications as Poe Little Thing, Wicked Hollow, and Spinning Whorl. Meeting him can cause nightmares.

Fall 2009 Staff

20 Dec

PJ German, Editor in Chief

PJ German, Editor-in-Chief

PJ German, along with being the Editor in Chief, is also the President of the literary club, Swamp Scribes; Student Blogger for SCF’s website; and Teacher Assistant in the English lab. Outside of college, PJ is a freelance journalist for the North Port Sun and a leader in his church’s youth group. PJ plans to attend USF to continue his education for an English degree. He is currently working on a series of fantasy novels in his spare time

Victoria Champion, Fiction Editor

Victoria Champion, Fiction Editor

Victoria Champion grew up in Port Charlotte, Florida. She’s hoping to fulfill a career in Business Marketing, and someday work for a large corporation. She also enjoys going out and having a good time

Michelle Papini, Fiction Editor

Michelle Papini, Fiction Editor

Michelle Papini is in her sophomore year here at the State College of Florida. For her freshman year she attended Florida Gulf Coast University. She is pursuing a Journalism/Creative Writing degree, and hopes to someday be a children’s book writer.

Daniel Cornell, Poetry and Graphic Arts Editor

Ironically, not pictured.

D own with editing
A ll about The Beatles
N ot a supporter of tap dancing
N ever late for dinner
Y es man

Marc Matza

Marc Matza, Poetry Editor

Marc Matza is an all-around good guy.

Dr. Ford gets wet

Doug Ford, Professor

Doug Ford has served as a full time faculty member at SCF for the past five years, teaching various literature and writing courses, including creative writing. He has a wife and two children, who lovingly tolerate his madness. His fiction (often of a macabre quality) has appeared in publications like WICKED HOLLOW, CTHULHU SEX, and POE LITTLE THING. His nonfiction (usually boring scholarly-type stuff) has shown up in AMERICAN LITERATURE, MELUS, and DISSECTIONS, among other places. He is prepared for just about any natural disaster.

Fall 2008 Staff

20 Dec

Christy Hicks: Managing Editor
Christy is a sophomore at MCC Venice. She will be getting her AA this December (08). Next semester, she will start at USF as a Literature major. She is an active member of Swamp Scribes, and is the president of the Progressive Club. Her hope is to be a college level English teacher some day.

Jonelle Cetin: Assistant Manager, Photography
Jonelle is a journalism major. She enjoys photography, reading, bike rides, German beers, and karaoke. She aspires to travel the entire world.

Glenn Banish: Assistant Manager
Glenn is a freshman at MCC Venice. He plans on getting his Associate in Arts degree in political science and then transferring to the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. Glenn is also an active member in the History and Political Science Club. In his spare time, his life revolves around music, politics, family and friends. When not attending or participating in local, state, and national political events; he listens to, writes, and plays music, goes to as many concerts as possible, and spends time with his friends.

Sarah Ward: Fiction Editor, Head Proofreader
Sarah has always loved poetry. She started to write a very young age and read to her sisters, who she claims, “frequently hated her for it.” Her daughter is the light of her life. Sarah is looking forward to hearing her daughter read, because reading is equally dear to her.

Sheena Chatterjee: Publicist, Proofreader
Sheena was born and raised in New York City. She moved to Cape Coral, Florida three years ago to get her degree because it was impossible for her to focus back home. Music is her life and her number one passion. She listens to all kinds of music but, ‘worships’ hip hop, soul, and enjoys dancehall, Indian music, and reggaeton. What Sheena loves most, besides music, is fashion. She is loyal to adhering to trends of the season and her favorite European label is Burberry. Sheena has her own distinct, very unique and original style and has never met anyone who dresses like her. She also loves dancing, writing, and shopping.

Frank Ferrante: Event Coordinator, Chef
Frank is a fun-loving chef from Queens, NY. He loves art, fishing, music and cooking. He’s working towards his degree in Art Education.

Vanessa McDonald: Poetry Editor
Vanessa is a sophomore at Manatee Community College in Venice. She is a worship leader at West Coast Church and really enjoys anything that has to do with music. Eventually, she plans on pursuing journalism through a Christian cultural magazine.

Rheena Balan: Publicist
Rheena is a freshman at Manatee Community College in Venice. She is an active leader in her youth group at West Coast Church and plans to pursue her Bachelors degree in graphic design.

Maxime Poitevien: Publicist, Assistant Event Coordinator
Maxime, or Max, was born and raised in Miami, FL. Max enjoys writing poems in his spare time and writing rap lyrics when he hears a good beat. He is really good with people and enjoys editing other peoples’ work. Max says editing “makes me feel like a king. That’s just me.”

Brittany Hoffman: Editor, Publicist
Brittany is a young girl with a big dream. Working towards her degree in journalism, Brittany’s dream is to expand her mind as much as possible and learn about cultures around the world from personal experience rather than from a textbook. After doing so, she wishes to bring the awareness of truth to her readers. Brittany hopes to assist in bringing people together in a world we can believe and strive in. She will write what is, and what she thinks the people would like to believe in. Brittany says, “The truth is dirty, but it needs to be brought up, and I will continue to dig my feet into the mud!”

Dr. Allen Culpepper: Professor
Dr. Allen Culpepper advises Elektraphrog. He’s an associate professor at MCC and likes English literature and Italian coffee. His poems have been rejected by hundreds of literary publications, but the occasional exception has been made by Florida English; The Church-Wellesley Review; Children, Churches & Daddies (not at all the publication its title implies); and Cooweescoowee.

Staff Poetry and Fiction

05 Dec

Staff Poetry

neutrally, our fresh hot teas both flushed light gold

Marc Matza

the Nightingale rests on a tree

Queen of Veneer

P. J. German

Staff Fiction

The Tale of the New King and a Rich Soul



P. J. German