2009 -- 1.2 (Spring) Poetry

The Rogue by T. J. Glaser ~ep

He creeps along the floor without a sound
A master of deception never to be found
A warrior found only in the darkest night
One that is always out of sight
His footsteps are careful and delicate at best
Always moving, never stopping not even to rest
He slips from the streets and into a home
Sneaking into their humble dome
He arrives upon the one to kill
A task he was chosen to fulfill
And draws a blade and raises it high
And cuts the throat to silence his cry
And just like that his task is done
Now the time to escape has come!
His hand drops a single powder of flash
And into the night he makes his dash!
He scales the rooftops with greatest ease
Leaving the guard with nothing to seize
Just like that he’s gone, out of sight!
The rogue vanishes into the night.