2011 -- 3.2 (Spring) Poetry


by Kelley Egan

No misery was quite the same,

no pill on earth

could have eased my pain.

No school could teach you

what i’ve learned

my father will beat you with no concern.

No Religion,

that is correct.

No discussion of resurrect.

No diseased cities

on your face.

Cancer of society-erased.

  Destruction is just a game,

  and all these vices,

  they’re all the same.

 Don’t let them lead you

  down to shame.

 All they preach, it’s all insane.

  Like livin’ in luxury,

  No that’s just crap.

  Live with some peace, don’t fall in that trap.

 The higher you get

 the harder they fall.

 Can’t save themselves, if they crawled.

 Say Goodbye to all

 your silly beasts.

 The monsters from within-deceased.