2011 -- 3.2 (Spring)

Poetry — Spring 2011

Kelley Egan, “Feel Like Winter”

Kelley Egan, “Goodbye”

Joel Hanson, Taking Love (winner of the Swampscribes Booty Call contest)

Korey Jones, “Hard Enough, I’ve Found It Is”

Marc Killam, “This Most Terrible Sting”

Chelsey Lucas, “No One Can Protect Her”

Anna Maldzhiev, “Chaos and Beauty”

Justin Oberg, “We”

Michael Rodgers, “Recipe for Disaster”

Catherine Smith, “A Father to Two Beautiful Girls”

Emily Yandell, “Eclipse”

Faculty and Staff

Woody McCree, “For One Who is Lost”

Woody McCree, “What Will I Kill Today?”

Charlene Pratt, “Coffee, Tea, or ?”

Charlene Pratt, “The Blue Moon Café”