2011 -- 4.1 (Fall) Poetry

Going Downtown

By: alumahead






Going Downtown.


Gonna See My Gal,

Going Downtown.

Hope she wanna

go down,

go down,

go Downtown, too.

Red lights blinking,

Car out of gas,

Still wanna go Downtown.

Think of my Baby,

Locked the keys in the car,

Man, I gotta get


Baby got legs,

Tall, Soft, and Lean,

Like a highway to heaven

they go all the way up…….to Downtown.


I Gotta get my ass Downtown!


Gotta get on the bus,

That’ll cure this lust,

Gotta make it all the way Downtown.

Fourteenth and Main,

Gonna free this strain,

If I ever get to make it,


I’m Gonna wrap those legs

All around my head

and buzz down that landing strip

like Clitty-Clitty-Bang-Bang on a carnival ride,

Like a face rocket on a Mission,

with the Starship Enterprise bucking-and-a-shaking,

“She’s coming unhinged, Cap’n!”

“I need more power, Scotty!”

Then, I’ll get that scrambled transmission from way down below,

“She’s about to blow, Cap’n!”

“Just give me one more minute, Scotty!……with VIGOR!”

Yep, I’m gonna treat that sweet thing

Like a hound dog treats

A peanut butter jar,

‘Til there’s nothing left to do,

but lay back and blow smoke-rings from an after-fuck cigarette