2011 -- 4.1 (Fall) Poetry

You Know…

By: Gina Eairheart


You know…I’ve learned a lot about myself these past few years.

I’m stronger than I ever thought I was before.

I have more talent than I ever thought I could borrow from anyone else.

I learned to see in the mirror what was really there…a picture of beauty.

I’m a mother that did her best when she didn’t think her best was good enough.

I’m the daughter I always wanted to be, even if sometimes Daddy didn’t see.

I’m the sister that led instead of followed.

I am more than the words men use to entice me…and they don’t see all that is me.

My heart is pure and compassionate never changing its desire to love.

I am me, love me or hate me, it matters not at all, because this is me.