2014 -- 6.2 (Spring) Poetry

Soul Mate

By: Megan Finsel


Don’t you see? You are

A reflection of me. You are a piece that I did

Not know was missing. You are my face

In the river, my

Eyes in the mirror, my smile

Looking back from the glass.


You are my shadow on the ground,

the key that unlocked my chains.

You are my warm hug when the world is falling apart;

you are the other half of my heart

Bio: Words have a great power to me. They can evoke emotions, thoughts, and ideas. They can start and end wars, and they can paint pictures. When I learned I could use words to express myself, I realized I had found my passion. Writing is my way to communicate the complex emotions and thoughts that we all tuck away in the recesses of our hearts. And if I can make at least one person aroused through my writing, then I know I have done my job 🙂