2014 -- 6.2 (Spring) Poetry

Spell for Writing Decent Literature

By: Michael W. Loos

Oh sevens and Sixes, may your aura surround us

May you come alive and protect us.

Had! May the god of literature arise in the East.

May your luminous aura shine upon us!

In the East with lady moon and the stars, give us your wisdom

For seven is six and six is seven, everything is nothing, and nothing is the same!

This is the answer, the only answer, everything is infinite and awake!

Let my gods be few and bright, they shall rule the many and the known.

For I am now the god of literature, and the god be I.

The azure light shine upon me, divine, gemmed and naked

For I now have the power of the holy number.

I am the serpent of literature. I am ALIVE!

For my thoughts stretch to the ends of the universe

My axons are stars, my soul is eternity and my spirit is time

My thoughts possessed become manifestations.

For I am the holy six and the holy seven and the literature gods protect I.

Now as I call upon the splendorous serpent of light, my thoughts become reality!

I raise the golden chalice, I brandish the sacred motion with the golden caduceus!

Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!

Seven seven seven

And six.