2014 -- 7.1 (Fall) Poetry

Road Rage

By:Helen M. Ulrich

That Person cut me off on the highway today.

Maybe that Person was having a bad day.

Maybe that Person was rushing to the hospital.

Maybe that Person was late picking up their child from school, or…

     was late for a flight,

         was late for school,

           was late for work,

            was late for an interview.

Maybe that person was in a hurry because…

     their child was sick in the car,

         they were having a heart attack,

           there was big spider on their lap,

             they spilled their hot coffee.

Maybe that Person’s mind wasn’t on the road because…

     they had an argument with their mate,

         they were worrying about a test,

           they were diagnosed with a terrible disease,

             they were exhausted,

               their loved one just passed…

Maybe that Person didn’t mean to cut me off today.