2015 -- 7.2 (Spring) Poetry

My Father’s Mother’s Father’s Cousin

By Gonzo

My grandmother’s father has
a cousin who kept a diary.
On it is scribbled an odd looking star
and the first word in it is “Agony.”

It tells of seeing the body of his brother
mangled and pale in the snow
as a German soldier shouted out
“You reap what you sow.”

He lived on scraps from the table
taking their sad dog’s place.
Soon enough they ate the dog, too.
His mom told him to eat at a slow pace.

There are a few words about a camp
with a drawing of a high metal fence.
His uncle left a month before he did and
he learned why they hadn’t heard from him since.

There is a great deal of talk
of being sore and rather cold
and sharing beds with six other boys
as the floor was reserved for the old.

A page is torn out in the middle
and I later learn why.
It was used as a bandage when
his former grocer lost his eye.

He made it out alive
sometime the following year.
Though his mother was lost he was
strong for his father and shed not a tear.


Bio: My name is Logan Gonzalez and I am a freshman at SCF Bradenton Campus. I’m currently trying to obtain my A.A. and figure out what I want to do as far as a major. I have a great love for writing and have been something of a story-teller for as long as I can remember. I’ve used those skills for making up excuses as to why I’ve been late to class or forgot a friend’s birthday in the past, but hopefully wish to make a career with them some day.